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My name is Lucy and I am a yoga and mindfulness teacher based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

I spent 15 years working in finance and consulting after university, experiencing bouts of debilitating depression, addicted to the working-money-spending-drinking-shopping- working-money cycle that is so endemic in our society. I believed this was normal life. I found my job reasonably interesting, but something never seemed quite right. I was always chasing after men who were unavailable or who did not love me enough. I had absolutely no idea who I was. I felt stuck and powerless, living a life that didn’t feel right, a life that seemed to have no end and over which I had no say, just an endless circle of work and spending and failed relationships.

Then I started to wake up. I woke up to the fact that I was stuck believing that life had to be like this, that this was who I was and all I was worth. I realised I had leaked too much of my personal power to people, beliefs and stuff. I gradually began to unstick myself. First I started to meditate and attend a group which discussed and questioned the ego-driven lives we lead, with people that understood that there is more to life than this. I moved to working as a freelancer, which meant greater financial insecurity but far less emotional attachment to work as a source of self-worth.

Gradually I began exploring things that I was truly passionate about, and grow into the person I always have been but has been hiding under a layer of bullshit for goodness knows how long. I also started to drink and shop less – I no longer wanted to numb the feelings inside me. And the more I felt, the happier I was, and the less I wanted to numb. And as I did these things, I noticed that my personal power started to return.

I left my corporate job in February 2015 and travelled to Bali to train as a yoga teacher with Bridget Woods Kramer. I then spent seven months living in Ibiza, working as a yoga teacher and for a local hiking company. I returned to Tunbridge Wells at Christmas 2015 to start my business locally. I realised I missed home and my family, despite the obvious delights of Ibiza and the Mediterranean. Part of this was a desire to feel grounded and to build a business that helped people in their everyday lives, not just on their holidays.

I still suffer from depressive episodes and I’m very open about that. Yoga and mindfulness have helped me develop a new relationship with these episodes, so they are less overwhelming and debilitating. I am better able to take care of myself and see the good even when things seem awful.

Yoga has helped me connect to by body and beyond that connect to emotions that had been long repressed. Many of us are so disassociated from ourselves and yoga is a powerful technology of awareness that helps us come home to who we really are. I am so much more comfortable in my own skin and have a true understanding of who I am and how I operate. I am much more compassionate towards myself and others - and I also have a better idea of where I still need to do work.

Outside of yoga, I like playing with my niblings (nieces and nephews), swimming, running, lifting weights, being with family and close friends, reading, cooking, writing, surfing and hiking.

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