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Life can seem so linear: birth, school, marriage, work, retirement, death.

Now, more than ever, we are beginning to see life as a spiral.

* Spirals are found throughout nature: in plants, natural systems and even weather; Fibonacci famously creates his sequence as an attempt to understand these patterns.

* Our bodies are one giant spiral. We are created from one tissue, which folds over and over on itself in the womb, the bones push through it and the muscles arrange themselves. The connective tissue, or fascia, which also means bandage, wraps itself around us, fold upon fold, spiral upon spiral.

*We spiral through life: we think we move forwards, but often we’re going sideways, or backwards, or round and round in circles. Our patterns of life are ones of intertwining, with ourselves, it’s nature, with others.

* We get angry when there is no progress. But what if we let go of that linear thinking and allowed the spirals to work their magic? What if we followed our spirals and allowed life to unfold?

Come and explore with a whole series of classes on spirals for the next few weeks. Starting Thursday 29th at Pembury, Saturday 9.30 @theyogahousetwells

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