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Antidote Yourself

Antidote yourself.
In yoga we are looking for balance, or sattva. In our nervous systems, in our lives, in our practice, in our personalities. One of the 3 Gunas, or principles of reality, Sattva is a state of harmony, balance and joy.

One way to find balance is to notice your tendencies and then antidote them. Are you a Type A, driven, busy person? Then maybe a yin or restorative class would be good. If you are lethargic or maybe even a bit depressed, then a more dynamic class would work. If you need to be around other people all time, practice going for a walk in nature by yourself. If (like me!) you prefer your own company, then seek out group classes and activities so you can be with others for a certain period.
Most of us sit down too long these days, and all of our work, whether desk bound or washing up, or sawing wood, playing with kids, is in front of us. This creates a stretched back body, including over stretched hips and bum, and a tight front body. Both sides tend to lack strength because little activation is needed, especially when sitting.

In our classes at the moment, we are exploring how to antidote this tendency, not only opening the front body, but also mobilising the hip flexors, side body and strengthening the back and core.

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