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Awareness: An 8 Week Course

This 8 week course will look at ways in which to cultivate our awareness: of self, of others, of our relationships and with the world around us.

 We will be using guidance from modern mindfulness, classical yoga, universal teachings and Tantrik meditations to inform our exploration. Through a process of becoming embodied and noticing what arises in thoughts, mood changes, energy levels and emotions, we will inquire into the process of becoming more aware. It is through these processes that we start to notice that which was already there, hidden from us, now waiting to be discovered.

What we will look at:

- What is awareness? What are the different kinds? Why do we want to be more aware anyway?- What happens when we become more aware?- Why is awareness so important for us as individuals and as a society?- What do yoga, mindfulness and other practices have to say about it?- What techniques can we use to cultivate our awareness?- How can we integrate our awareness into everyday life? 

Who is it for?

Anyone with experience of yoga, mindfulness or meditation who wants to go deep into inquiry is welcome. Some movement will be included in all classes but it is suitable for pregnancy and injuries. The process of cultivating awareness is not always comfortable and attendees should be ready for this possibility in themselves and others. Meditation is not always suitable for those with severe depression, anxiety or stress, or with other clinical mental health issues such as bipolar. If in doubt please contact the course teacher and your GP. 

About the teacher:

Lucy Lucas is a yoga, mindfulness and meditation teacher based in Tunbridge Wells. Her yoga styles include an embodied form of dynamic hatha yoga as well as mindful yin. She also teaches a popular 8 week Mindfulness course for beginners, as well as other meditation classes. Lucy has trained with Bridget Woods Kramer, Julie Martin, Christopher Hareesh Wallis, Sally Kempton, Alexander Filmer Lorch and with the Mindful Academy in Spain. Her teaching philosophy is from a Tantrik perspective, exploring the path to liberation through awareness and integration in the body, mind and spirit.

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