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Booking Class Passes Online

I have had several requests for a step by step guide to booking class passes online - so here it is!

This is for those wanting to book CLASS PASSES (5 or 10)

1) Click on the first class you want to attend (Thurs 6.30pm). Click One Yoga Class/ Class Pass Redemption £12 AND click 5 Class Pass. Click proceed

Inline image 1

2) On the next screen, the One Yoga Class £12 is scratched out leaving just the £50 to pay. Click Book Now

Inline image 2

3) Enter your email

Inline image 3

4) Enter Your Name

Inline image 4

5) Click Pay by Card

Inline image 5

You'll then get new screens asking for payment details etc

Each time you want to attend a class, you need to book in by choosing the class you want and clicking One Yoga Class/ Class Pass Redemption. When you enter your email, it will recognise that you have a pass and deduct the sessions from the pass. You don't have to do this at the time of purchase.

Hope this helps!