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Energy Leaks

Over the next few weeks we'll be looking at the idea of Energy Leaks.

In the yoga system our practices (asana, pranayama, meditation) are designed to bring energy (prana) into the body: for vitality and for spiritual awakening. But this is all a bit of a waste of time if we then leak that energy in our everyday life. Christopher Wallis @hareeshwallis has talked at length about these Energy Leaks and how to manage them (link below / in bio).

So this week, we're looking at the first, which is Overdoing It: being too busy, never taking enough time off, using caffeine to get through the day, not getting enough sleep. Somehow all this has become a badge of honour in our society, and yet it is profounding damaging, not only on a physical level, but also energetically. Why are you so busy? There might be times in our lives, when we are all consumed - a young family, a growing career - but these are not meant to be long term life styles. Eventually something has to give - and usually it's us. We're often busy because it makes us feel needed, important. Or because we believe that we 'have' to do something. Or because our lives are so noisy that when we do stop to rest, it feels weird and our minds don't stop, so we start being busy again to shut out the chatter.

Ideally, we're looking at having 4 hours a day, one day a week, one weekend a month and 3 weeks a year of downtime. Just being, spending time with friends and family, cooking and eating together, getting out in nature, doing some gentle movement like yoga or Tai Chi, playing or listening to music, reading, drawing, painting. No screens. No emails. No social media.So come and add at least one hour to your daily four of just being: in the body, on your mat, moving, breathing, resting