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Mindful Parenting Workshop

In this workshop a parent and non parent will share and explore how to apply the main concepts of modern mindfulness to common parenting issues.

So, why am I, as a non parent getting involved in a workshop about parenting?

Quite simply: because it is the number one issue that comes up each time I run a mindfulness course or group. How to deal with tantrums, moody teenagers, childhood anxiety, difficult older children on the cusp of adulthood who want to break away.... plus how do we look after ourselves in the middle of all of this?

What will be covered?

Modern mindfulness is about improving our self awareness, resilience and experience of life. We will cover the main mindfulness concepts:- getting in touch with our own experience: feelings, thoughts, intentions, sensations- understanding our stress response- responding not reacting- mindful communication- compassion towards self and othersWe will examine the theory and practice of these concepts, plus learn some simple mindfulness techniques which can be used in various situations.We will delve into how these can be applied to a variety of common parenting issues such as tantrums, eating, positive parenting and teenage rebellion; and offer some practical strategies to help maintain balance in the maelstrom of family life.There will be a mix of group and partner work, plus some self inquiry. We will end with a relaxing meditation. 

Who is this for?

This workshop is for parents of any ages who are interested in improving parent / child and other family relationships. We are not looking for ways to control children and teenagers, or to push our own agendas as parents. This is for those who want to inquire into why certain behaviours bring strong reactions in them, and how habitual patterns of reaction and communication can be changed. 

Who is running it?

“My expectations of parenthood 17 years ago contrast wildly with the reality of being a parent of four children now aged 6 to 16. Learning challenges, eating problems, sleeping difficulties, social media, bullying and academic pressures combined with a consumed library of personal development and child psychology books - not to mention 14 years of meditation practice - have contributed to the parent I am today. I am passionate about parenting and about parent self care. My previous struggles drive me to share the strategies and approaches that I have employed along my journey so that you don’t have to!”

Caroline Hanson, Parenting Coach, Mum of 4

 "Over the past few years of teaching mindfulness and meditation groups, one of the biggest topics that comes up again and again is parenting. In every group, there are always discussions about how we can use mindfulness to look after young children, communicate with teenagers, help unhappy kids, manage our partner relationships, and also take care of ourselves. So I decided, with the help of Caroline and her parenting and coaching background, to put together this workshop where we have time to specifically look at mindful parenting. As a mindfulness instructor, I am especially interested in encouraging parents to answer the question "what is going on for ME?", rather than focusing on the kids. Although this might seem counter intuitive, taking ownership and reclaiming our power is critically important in getting our needs met - as well as those of our families."

Lucy Lucas, Mindfulness Teacher, Non Parent

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