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Taking time for yourself

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I'm exhausted.Physically, mentally, emotionally - and spiritually. As well as holding space for others for many hours during the week, I'm also working through my own issues and stuff, which takes it toll. I love teaching but it is not cost free, and there comes a time when I just need to take time for myself.I went to the Yoga Garden Party on Saturday, primarily to attend my teacher Bridget Woods Kramer's class (more about that in a minute). As I was queuing up to register, a lady joined the queue and tried to make conversation with me. I'm afraid I was not very encouraging to her - especially when she started to refer to issues in her life. I felt like screaming "No! This is MY time to enjoy MY practice, and I just cannot, CANNOT, take on any more stuff from anyone else". I didn't say it out loud, although I was tempted to! Pretty sure she will have gone home and remarked on the unfriendly yoga person she met at the yoga festival! Oh well.....

But seriously. We all need to take time for ourselves. Without it, we become so depleted - in every way. I'm quite depressed at the moment, and chronically tired all the time. I feel like I have very little left to give - and what I do have left goes into my classes and the people I love, friends and family. That's it.One of the yoga yamas, or ethical practices, is Brahmacharya - the conversation of energy and the maintenance of vitality. What you let in, and what you give away.One way to maintain vitality is to take time for yourself. As I'm a big believer in the universe giving you what you need, I was not surprised that Bridget's class was all about taking time for yourself, coming back to the 'self' that is inside all of us, and honouring that self. It was just the reminder, and the practice that I needed.I also spent time with my mum yesterday in sunny Hastings, having a mini adventure, eating lunch and catching up on family gossip. I'm feeling slightly more restored now and ready for the week's classes.See you on the mat!