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I started practising yoga in early 2009 at Battersea Yoga in London and was fortunate to be introduced by them to postural yoga as well as meditation and spiritual inquiry early in my journey. Yoga for me has never just been about the poses. During my time I have studied Sivananda, ashtanga and vinyasa yoga with teachers such as Angus Ford Robertson, Corrie Ananda Preece and Jennifer Fleming. I took my initial 200 hour qualification in 2015 in Anusara yoga with Bridget Woods Kramer and taught for several months in Ibiza before coming home to Tunbridge Wells and setting up my yoga business here.

I have continued to study anatomy, mindfulness, breathwork, meditation and philosophy with teachers such as Alexander Filmer Lorch, Laurent Roure and Christopher Wallis. I am also studying an advanced 500 hour teacher training with Julie Martin, Gary Carter and Matthew Clark.

I don’t belong to any lineage but my teaching is influenced by Non Dual Shiva Trantric teachings, especially those from Christopher Wallis and Sally Kempton. I also love incorporating other kinds of movement into my classes from Feldenkrais to functional training. I teach from a place that the movement and poses are instrumental for embodiment, as a start for our practice of awareness. It doesn’t stop with the postures: they are a precursor to a much deeper exploration and way of living: if you want it.

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Integrated Flow

I teach a non traditional dynamic vinyasa style of yoga. Non traditional means that we often do things slightly differently: practice poses in a different way, transition differently and make up new poses too. Alignment is in each student’s body and not externally focused. Students are asked to be in their bodies and practice as their body feels: it is less about making shapes, but more about how it feels. It's accessible for all, and is also interesting for experienced yogis as it's very different from traditional styles which are more common. It is based in latest knowledge of how the body works when we move and its links to the effects on our nervous system.

I teach in 4-6 week blocks with a physical and philosophical theme which we explore. We start by breaking down specific poses and movements and building up short sequences. Over the weeks, we learn the sequencing and the body starts to know the sensations and movements, until the final weeks when we can flow through the class. You can start at any point and beginners are always welcome. Movements and poses are always made accessible to all and there is a wide range of ages and experience in each class.

Yin and Restorative Yoga

Yin yoga is a mindful, slow form of the practice with long holds of up to 3-4 minutes. The intention of yin yoga is to open connective tissue and joints in a safe, relaxed way. There are no standing poses, and most of the time is spent lying or sitting. Restorative yoga uses ALL the props to ensure the body is completely supported in each pose ; this allows us to completely surrender to the pull of gravity and the position we are in without any stress on the body.

Each month there is a 2 hour Yin and Yoga Nidra session at Flow Tunbridge Wells as well as weekly classes at The Yoga House on Wednesdays.

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Public classes

Monday: 1935 Nuffield Health (club members only)

Tuesday: 1230 Pure Gym (club members only)

Wednesday: 1730 Monson Road

Wednesday: 1930 The Yoga House (Yin & Restorative)

Thursday: 1300 Pure Gym (members only)

Thursday: 1930 Pembury Pavilion

Saturday: 0930 The Yoga House

Private classes

I offer private classes in Tunbridge Wells which are suitable for individuals and groups either in a private home or in a small studio on Monson Road. I have mats and equipment, you just need a suitable space such as a large lounge. Please contact me to discuss rates and availability.

Corporate classes

I offer classes in offices and workplaces in the Tunbridge Wells area for up to 20 members of staff. This gives employees a chance to relax at work and have a space to re-group and de-stress. Corporate clients include Atom Group, Cripps LLP , Yoyo Design and Headway West Kent. Corporate classes are 60 minutes in length and we can discuss your requirements beforehand. All equipment is provided. Please contact me to discuss rates and availability.